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[3.1.2]Tekkitopia[PvP/PvE][100 slots][Open][iConomy, Towny][NO EE][MATURE]

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Sorry about the lack of replies as I've been on vacation.

and i think one reason why people are making the bad compliments on the server is because it has absolutly no EE. if the server were to have a small portion of it, such as the alc. chest, energy condenser, flying ring, and DM tools and armor, and leave out the rest of the mod, that would probably make the server a little more popular.

As our server is based around the community you could suggest it on the forum. But be well prepared with proper argumentation, as this has been brought up before and the majority was against it.

it says when i join that i need the mods:

mod_ComputerCraft 1.33

mod_CCTurtle 1.33

mod_IC2 v1.97

mod_Railcraft 5.3.3

What must i do to get the things i need?

When connecting, make sure you choose 3.1.2 as the version (Launcher, Options, Latest Recommended).

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Our server has been taken offline and it's parts are currently being switched with more powerful hardware.

Expect it to be down for approximately a 24h period.

The main server IP has been redirected to a temporary Tekkit Lite server for testing purposes.

Also accessible via lite.tekkitopia.com.

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