NEI not working with my modpack.

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NEI Refuses to open up for some reason. CraftGuide worked. Too Many Items just crashed the game. But I prefer NEI over CraftGuide. I have already tried pressing O (and about every single letter on my keyboard besides E)

Other notes: NEI does appear in the mod list. Does not appear in the Controls. Game will crash if you scroll through the mod list and then click on NEI's name in the list.

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18 hours ago, AetherPirate said:

I don't see the NEI jar file in your mod folder. 

I could've responded earlier but my phone doesn't work with the forums.

I removed NEI and put in craftguide temporarily, I used the latest NEI version from the official downloads (chickenbones.net) for the correct version. NEI and craftguide did not interfere with each other.

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