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Tekkit (fan?) Art


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Gonna start working on a very big picture for this thread. So SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE CONTRIBUTE.

Well, to be honest, I wouldn't mind the re-naming of this thread as "Soupa's fan art". There's Cheap and Valkon, but other than them, we don't have that many artists around here, or as talented. No pressure, you can keep this place for yourself and add a drawing from time to time and even if the gap is large, we won't mind.

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I shall contribute as and when I have the time.

I admire you for you have something I will never be able to do. Draw.

I just can't do it, however I have been getting nifty with a mouse in the past, as you can see from my avatar.

Yours is a world of watercolour and pen strokes. Mine is vectors and bezier curves. :D

If I find out how to make this gun shoot gravity balls today, I may do some arty shizz tomorrow.

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I saw that insane rant. Dude went straight ape shit on someone who he will never ever find, and even if he was a Navy Seal, there is no way in hell he would go spouting off about all that.

Great art! Love it. Do you use a tablet or just sit at a desktop?

I did it on my laptop with my wacom drawing tablet. Also my eyes hurt.

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