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Welcome to 1.8!  

I made a power point for my Weeaboo club on how to paint The president refused to pay me https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZaPcJyrYaPrw8zlVqc1EUO-Fq2uFW94lhRG9j3SuBWI/edit?usp=sharing

In case no one's figured it out, all trolls are (roughly) personality archetypes. Damara is basically the jaded devil-may-care girl who has practically nothing to lose. The afterlife is boring for her.

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Their also questioning my physiological stability.

If you've ever played through pt.2 of MeenaStuck, you'd question it too once you get to run around as Horus and open that box in the upper-right side of the map.

Andrew Hussie can be pretty strange from time to time, as if the Smuppets weren't obvious.

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