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[3.1.2] Grace [FFA PvP][24 Slots][ComputerCraft Disabled][Most of EE Disabled]


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About Grace

We are a free-for-all PvP server. Feel free to steal, kill and grief. Just be ready for the reputation that comes with such behavior. Currently the majority of players are refugees from a recently shut down server. I personally hate when servers shut down out of the blue. I have been running my server for about a month, prepping it to be opened to the public, and that time has come. I plan on going for the long haul. The map and player data has been reset. As of 11/11/2012 you are on an even playing field with everyone else.


We have pretty simple rules. Breaking them will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.

  • Don't cheat/hack/mod.
  • Don't pose as an admin.
  • Don't ask for items from the admins.
  • Don't ask to be an admin.

Plugins & Disabled Items

We try to keep things simple. The only plugins we use are to disable cheats, enforce our /rules, and for /home and /tpa for your convenience. Currently we only have items disabled that are game-breaking or are too demanding to server resources. ComputerCraft has been disabled due to command spam that can crash the server.

  • Most EE items have recently been disabled/banned. The following items are all that will be enabled: Alchemy Chest/Bag, All 3 Covalence Dusts, Philosopher's Stone, Divining Rods I & II
  • Crash Items: Dark Matter Pedestal, Feed Station, Dimensional Anchor
  • Dupe Items: Void Ring, Black Hole Band, Red Matter Furnace
  • Item Loss Due to Bans: Work Cart, Automatic Crafting Table mk. 1 and 2, Project Table
  • Game-breaking: Energy Collectors I, II, III, Dark Matter Armor, Red Matter Armor, Quantum Armor, Volcanite Amulet (Too many [now banned] people grief spawn with it)
  • Other items may be banned later if they begin to create problems.
  • World Anchor: Please contact Saxona for more information on how to use World Anchors.


All Admins are 25+. We are not going to play favorites, and we have a zero tolerance for abuse. The Admins will remain anonymous so that abusers have no way of knowing when and when not to cheat.

List of Commands

  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /home invite/uninvite playername
  • /tpa (name)
  • /tpahere (name)
  • /tpaccept
  • /spawn
  • /t (name) (message)
  • /r (reply to recent sender)


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We just had our first KILL THE ADMIN!!! event. Was pretty fun. I imagine it will be much more entertaining when more people are logged on. Congrats to cpzombie on the loot.

The idea is the Admin has rare/unobtainable loot. Everyone tries to kill the admin (who does not fight back) for the loot. Just be ready for everyone to pile on you if you get the loot after killing the admin!

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I've decided against people having only 1 home but inviting others. Instead, people will now have 7 homes. They can use them for their own projects, use them to get to their friend's bases, or for other purposes. Either way, I think this will be a lot better than the home invite system in the long run.

Remember, you can name your homes as well. Simply type /sethome MainBase or /sethome OilRig, for example.

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Umm i think the server was awesome yesterday when me and my friends joined. It was just the perfect server for us. But today we invited dillpickledz to our house(I know he is an admin). We played light pranks on him and we had fun. But suddenly when I pushed him to one corner of my base and surrounded him with cobblestone and he could just get out with a pick but instead he planted a nuke in our house and destroyed everything. All our hard work had gone down the drain and I could still forgive him because he seemed friendly. However when we tried to salvage our stuff, he took a nano saber and killed all of us which prevented us from salvaging our stuff. He killed us about 15 times each. I thought that admins were supposed to be friendly and not abusive. I love this server but I do not really want to play anymore. Furthermore, as all admins are 25+, this action does not seem to be from a 25+ guy

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That's because he's not an admin. You're right, none of the admins would do that. I'm sorry that happened, but that's the kind of douchebaggery you have to deal with on an anarchy server.

I'll add to the rules that posing as an admin is a ban-able offense. I won't ban dill for posing as an admin, because I never listed that as a rule until now. If he does it again, he's gone. That said, him saying that still annoys me. Private message me if we're on at the same time, and I'll give you something I think you'd really like.

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