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Hallo i dont know if i am puting this in the right place if i am not plz delete

but here we go

hi i am looking for a plugin for my tekkit clasic server that i can limit the placement of colectors mk3 to 4 per player and when they vote or donate they have can place like 4 more i have tryed tekkit restrict but cant seem to find a way to do it if any one could help me that would be great and if some one knows how to to do the tekkit restrict way even better thank you

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      Ok, I have a forge modpack 1.7.10. I've set up a server with mods and forge and everything and it works fine.
      But the issue is, is I want plugins in my server.
      Any help?
      Also, my plugins will only use forge - nothing else.
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      I've read every guide on getting tekkit to work with plugins but it crashes my server automatically.  Forge essentials is broken for 1.6.4 and cauldron causes a crash on server launch.  any thoughts?  i just want world guard.
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      Are there any plugins for the realm of mianite mod pack ? If not does anyone know how to code one ? 
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      Are there any plugins for this modpack ? If not does any one know how to code them for this modpack ?
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