Client Times Out in Ocean Biome

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My turn to ask for help:


I have a custom pack,


Whenever I go underwater in an Ocean Biome, my client times out. Diving underwater elsewhere is fine. It seems to be a problem unique to my world, singleplayer does not behave this way. Logs are un-revealing. The server begins ticking very badly before I disconnect. Ran Opis, ping time shot way up during the issue. My server is in my basement, my client sits next to it. I am the only player connected when this has happened. The server has 5GB allocated, It is using 3.5GB with no one connected. World file size is quite large, nearly 4GB.

Trying to hook up a Reactorcraft Fluid Extractor to get heavy water when I noticed this. 

Running Forge 1614 with FTB utlilities. Java 8x65

Any pointers? I've been ripping out mods and trying to narrow this down. I'd like to eventually switch to Thermos, but I need a stable pack first. 


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  • Does the server settle down after you have disconnected? Does it run poorly again after you reconnect when you are at the same location?
  • Is there no useful data showing in up any of the log files?
  • Since you have local access to the box I HIGHLY recommend setting up WarmRoast . This will allow you to isolate specifically which class/method is the source of the lag.

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What an awesome tool!

I got it going, and profiled my server while I was joined and was booted, and kept it going for an hour afterwards.

The culprit was Electricraft. It was constantly polling for updates in its network, endlessly. I remembered I had added relays recently, so I killed those and my issues went away. I profiled again afterwards and its all fine now. Mabye relays are buggy. Need to find an alternative way to cut and restore power. 

I have no idea why this problem didn't really show itself until I dove underwater. Really odd. 

Thanks again for your excellent help!

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