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Industrial stuff mod


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I have an idea for a mod that adds in various industrial machines and materials

Machines/ multiblock structures

  • Train elevator/turntable inspired by the one in resident evil games requires a big shaft to be built to house it, Goes up and down and can rotate trains. Not sure how to integrate it with a train mods rails, Elevator uses a wall rail to move up and down etc
  • Steel/metal supports would be stairs beams etc. Made from steel and textured to look nice
  • Pneumatic door made of metal and opened via a special keycard and pneumatics
  • Keycard reader used to restrict access to areas via electronic lock 
  • Metal door slides into walls
  • Metal door with doorknob can be opened like a regular door but is made of metal and can be locked via a key
  • Concrete comes in blocks panels and segments
  • Tunnel borring machine digs tunnel and lines it with concrete segments and rails
  • Turbine multi block Generates power from water power/ generator built from multiple blocks and creates power depending on power input method
  • Ingot press used to shape metal items into various shapes made of multiple blocks
  • Computer circuit press used to make various computer circuits made of multiple blocks
  • Card writer used to write various cards used to access mag card readers etc.

Security system used to lock various doors and systems to control access to areas, integration with various computer mods possible





Rebar (iron ingot shaped into a rod shape and mixed with clay water sand and gravel)


Computer circuit


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This seems like a good idea for a mod, but if you would want it to be developed by someone, you might want to type a more detailed List, maybe bullet each specific feature. I personally find this post a bit hard to follow and if you did make it look more professional, maybe more people would view it and think of making it. That's just my opinion though. Hope I helped

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