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This probably belongs in Platform Pagoda (maybe Server Op Swap Shop). Hopeful an admin will move it.

  • Dropbox public URLs should be altered in this fashion: Change "www" to "dl". Change "dropbox" to "dropboxusercontent". Remove any trailing "?dl=0" or "?dl=1".
  • Your pack contains unneeded and unwanted files. Your pack should only contain the folders: /bin/, /config/, /mods/. Additionally, the /bin/ folder should only contain the file "modpack.jar". You should also not be including any of the individual files currently in the root directory of the modpack archive.
  • You are using an ancient version of Forge. You should probably be using the latest 1.7.10 build.
  • Your CraftGuide mod is not from a legitimate location. Neither is Magic Clover nor Vein Miner. Always get your mods from the locations provided by their authors.
  • Your modpack does not include the /mods/1.7.10/ folder or its contents. You should be including this folder in your modpack archive.

I am unable to evaluate the server because you did not provide a link to download an archive of the server. Also, the server listing inside the modpack is for your internal IP address/network and will not work for people outside your house.

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