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[3.1.2]Server of the Oblivion[PvE][20 Slots][EE][Essentials][LWC][WorldGuard][PermissionsEx]

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IGN: Shadow5436

TIMEZONE: Central United States (GMT-7)

AGE: 15

EXPERIENCE: I can use all of the mods except railcraft... Railcraft hates me...

REASON TO JOIN: I wanted to build my evil giant corporation on a server and not just in single player... My corporation in single player has already achieved world domination and ultimate victory.

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IGN: ffatma


AGE: 28

EXPERIENCE: Not sure, I've been playing Tekkit/Technic for quite a while now, I know what I'm doing mostly.

REASON TO JOIN: I like a smaller server where the chat doesn't scroll by at 90 miles per hour. I like building large projects, I'm friendly and helpful and will never cause problems.

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IGN: Oblivionitus


AGE 16

EXPERIENCE: I've been playing for about 5 months and I have the core mods down

REASON TO JOIN: I haven't really found a tekkit server that doesn't have iconomy, thus banning most of EE, one of my favorite mods. I think I would like this server, and I would like to apply for op in a few months

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IGN: OliverGrififn

TIMEZONE: UTC/GMT+12 ie New Zealand

AGE: 15

EXPERIENCE: Hard to say without being moddest. Joking - i am pretty good at most things in tekkit now apart from railcraft (which i am soon to look into) and i have an unnessisary addiction to looking up recipies i already know in NEI... (Doesn't everyone?) I don't know how long i've played for.

REASON TO JOIN: For fun. This looks like a good environment to work on projects in peace with a lovely community rather than people stealing half your stuff while your offline, being griefed, becoming the target of online bullies because i refuse to use weapons of mass destruction to obliterate them (i dont really like combat/war/sabotage that much). Yeah - the general reasons one might want to play on a whitelisted server for once...

And in case your interested - i'll be honest. I have been banned twice.

Why? My friend blew up his own ship by accident when using a cannon. I laughed... (My server too :P)

Also on a hardcore world or something. I logged in and fell out of the sky and died. Was banned for an hour.

It's not like i've done anything bad though... Laughing at my friend's stupidity of filling a ship with TNT and then firing at it with a cannon so close his ship was caught in the backfire isn't so bad is it? I mean - he had it on his clipboard for worldedit anyway..?

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