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Thermos help with a pre-existing world

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I have the latest Thermos running with all the mods from my current pack. I can create a new world and it is great. I copied my current world into thermos and it launches, but many of the trees have been replaced with Obsidian Snake Totem trees, which are terrifyingly awesome, but unwanted. Many ID's seem to have changed, there are many odd things like that on the map. 

This is the pack I am working with:




* Ok I have more data:

1) Using my pack, I created new world using Forge. I saved it. 

2) I moved it to the Thermos server, and launched it. All is well, no mixed up block ID's

3) I moved my current world to the Thermos server and launched it. Block ID's scrambled, Craziness ensues.


I'd really like to use Thermos for my current world. Any tips?

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Do you have any weird plugins? Try uploading your map to the server without some plugins (these could be any plugin that adds items or messes with them, but not like pex or essentials). Either that or try deleting config folders 1 by one, a lot of mods let you configure item ids and you may have done so a while back in your server config. Also, nice to know that other people are using thermos, Ive been having a few issues with it myself but I think I prefer it to kcauldron.

EDIT: Also if there are any mods that you dont have in server, but in client, besides mods like optifine and damage indicators which are client only, then you should add those to server.

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Thanks for  your help. 

No plugins, fresh configs. Not using Optifine or Fastcraft, removed all client-side mods from my test client. 

There was a recent release of Thermos I haven't updated to yet, I'll try that. 

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