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[3.1.2] Mylocraft [20 Slots][PvP][No Banned Items][24/7][No Lag]

Alex Jo

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You will notice that most post's are mine

its because i am dedicated to this server and

have lots fun on it and i try my best to get it online

5 Amazing things about Fairyland.zapto.org

1.alex is a verry good owner/admin infact the nicest one of all REASON (he reads post's and ansawer's you and is verry helpfull).

2. everything is enabled and thought about it ( he used creeper protrction instead of banning nukes and all tnt/explosives).

3.theres a nice communite.

4.he has a awsome world but ( when you go to ocean it becomes verry small islands and no massive land).

5.O yeah and theres NO LAG (unless someone is stupid with lag machines or factory not turning off or chunk failing witch is real rare).

Thanks from blake :)

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Please don't post apps here add me or alex on skype to do that!

Sorry for the down time guys We was upgrading our ram and the hosts messed up and we was down for 2days! >.>

We should be back up to 100% uptime now sorry once again i hope all is forgiven! :(

-Thanks Joe

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Looking for staff! come on the server for more info:)

i would like to become mod or even trial mod so i can try to help the server out and im online like every day couse i like the server and want to help to keep it nice

i also asked for mod ingame but still i post it here just so u know :)

ign: maam27

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