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Modpack contents not in the right place

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I decided to put my modpack on technic so my friends could easily download it, but when I attempted to download my modpack, the bin, config, and mods folders were in a seperate folder! They are located in the StarCraft Valley folder in the attached image.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.59.11 AM.png

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  • MediaFire is not a valid host for packs in the Platform. See this page: https://www.circlecraft.info/hosts/
  • Your modpack version is 1.0. Any time you alter the pack data or metadata the pack version number must be incremented.
  • The contents of your modpack archive are in a subfolder. The required folders (bin, config, mods) must be at the top level of the folder structure inside the modpack archive.


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