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Was Tekkit Lite deleted from the launcher?


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    • By guilhermegamer99y
      hi guys, I wanted to know why the techinic modspacks gets offiline, because I wanted to download a mod so I do not know what to do. I tried to run by adiminitrator. I wanted to know if I could resoulver this people.
    • By Rykunk21
      Tried to get tekkit on my Mac, I’m running os Sierra but every time I try opening the technic launcher, it loads really fast, than freezes on the blue pipe wrench logo. I deleted the pack multiple times and updated java, I also let my computer try to unfreeze for over 2 hours and nothing happened. Help a bro out
    • By paulchartres
      I used to ("USED TO") have a modpack I spent countless hours working on. I logged in today to make an update. Says the page is error 404: I go to my dashboard: NO MODPACKS. Where the hell is it? Why did it get removed?! I didn't even get any norification. This better be a joke.
      Modpack link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/supra-modded-survival.810800
    • By EmperorAustin
      I placed a few chickens in a single player world, they started breeding, and before long, literally TWO THOUSAND OF THEM have spawned. I can't even get near the horde without massive slowdown, so killing them all isn't really an option. I tried doMobSpawning false, t/killallmobs, t/killchicken, t/butcher, whatever and nothing has worked. Is this part of some obscure hexxit mod, or just a glitch?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated because I can't even build on my world without being like a 100 blocks away.
    • By RAJtheGamer
      how do I update,i cant join the server.
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