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So for years I have been trying to create a modpack but it always bugs out on download in the technic launcher where it says it failed to unzip the file. I have watched countless tutorials and videos and still cant fix this problem. Please help

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I have taken look at your modpack there is some troubling files that should not be there that i can see please redownload all mods in .mods also update forge.

Here is the list of files that should not be there!

Worldedit folder (prob plugin not meant for forge)

VoxelMods (prob bad version/not meant for forge)

mod_wordeditwrapper (wtf is this)

Voxelmap (not sure)

ATTENTION: I highly recommend downloading mods from author's site or from trusted sites like curseforge,curse etc. Also i highly recommend using minecraft version 1.7.10 it will be lot more simply to build modpack into it. I usually create config files and put them in to modpack to avoid problems/conflicts and to edit them when needed before publishing modpack. To create config file run your modpacks server and there they are if you do not know how to build modpack into 1.7.10 or how to run server in your computer for config files do not hesitate to contact me i will be happy to help!




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