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[3.1.3]The Kill Zone Tekkit[12][No Greylist]

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The hole is recent shayd. we are having problems with JERKS messing up the server. As for players not talking to you. They are doing other things, and are distracted. And most of them are wary of new comers. I would have offered you a spot around my house, however,I am tired and stress out for RL reasons, and was distracted by the hole at spawn. So very sorry. But most of the players are nice. :\

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Do not join, you show up in spawn with huge hole in the ground without any path guide or map, players are apparently miles from spawn and refuse to talk to you, friendly my ass. Just another useless server

I'm a veteran tekkit server dude. And this has been one of the more friendlier servers I've played. That's the reason I joined. :) As csifool said, we've been having trouble with hackers and such. It's not a bad server

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hello, i found on my own offline 3.1.3 tekkit server a solution of all grief poblems.

it helps us to be protected for all griefing tools (destruktion catalyst, nuke, reaktor, tnt, red mater shovel; pickaxe; hoe; axe; sheres; hammer, fire)

i used 2 bukkit plugins: worldedit 5.4.5, worldguard 5.6.5, form dev.bukkit.org

you need to denfine a region to protect and set ther onwners

Take out your WorldEdit wand. Type "//wand" if you don't already have one.

Leftclick one block.

Rightclick another block elsewhere

Type "/region define <Regionsname>" into chat.

and "/rg addowner <Regionsname> <username>"

and "/rg flag <Regionsname> tnt deny" to disabel nukes, reaktor, wattbox exposions

and "/rg flag <Regionsname> build deny" to make alle grief tools useless to grief (not for regionowner)

and "/rg flag <Regionsname> enderman-grief deny" to disabel enderman pick up blocks

and"/rg flag __global__ creeper-explosion deny" for the hole world

all in all i can say that your houses are protected for reaktors and griefing people.

I hope my tipps are helpful i know alot about bukkit plugins :D

Edit: use "rg flag __global__ tnt deny"

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