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[1.4.7]Technic Battles Redux[PvP][45][TBR: The Modpack] Semi-Anarchy/Factions!

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I did not have a bad day when I posted that. I just wanted to clarify that if some uses Drew for Andrew I will likely become confused on who they are talking to/about. I am not sorry for what I posted earlier because it was not meant to be taken in anger and if some one did now they know. I am just asking for clarity.

I meant I posted that one comment on a bad day, not you did. Lol.

Don't we all

I know I do, I need to make Drake Co HQ. Oh, and by the way, is the link for the modpack on the platform page the latest version? If not, can you point me towards the latest version? Thanks in advance.

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Working on implementing solder api while crying that andrews dad hasnt set up the server yet. Joking, but seriously when will he do it? Im heading into little child phase wholl ask every day till its done. Quintuple post or not. Give me server or give me kellering!

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The beta build posted online is seriously fucked up. I tryed installing smart moving on top of xycraft and well....

When two mods don't love each other very much, your game crashes

Week 5 without the server

The beta build of the modpack is almost ready for public release, work on the forums will continue as soon as mercalyn gets back from a trip, and we will soon setup solderapi on the modpack, so the mods individually download upon an update.

EDIT: 155 forge mods, and more that are not recognized

Can't post this in the TBR thread (it would be triple posting) so posting it here.

TBR Build 23 Beta:



Mac OSX:


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Heyas. Was gonna apply for whitelist (Even though it looks like it's down and you're preparing for beta and whatnot), so I made an account on your forums, but I didn't get a confirmation e-mail. I checked through all my folders, including spam. I tried having the confirmation e-mail re-sent. It has me wait a while, then throws an error saying, "The server did not respond in time. Please try again." So this has been going on for a couple days, and I have a feeling it's not going to just go away. Perhaps I could post my whitelist application on this thread?

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