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    • By Daydreamer11
      Ok so..I've been playing on the Crazy Craft server for a while now..and it's getting kinda lonely and boring playing by myself. I could totally build a world with villagers, gfs/bfs etc..but it's not the same. Most people I see in the chat are way younger than I am (25 y/o girl) and it's hard to trust people. So I was hoping I could find some people on here who'd like to game and try out some different mods and games (or introduce me to great ones!). I'm still kinda new to Minecraft but I've played enough to hold my own! Please let me know!  
    • By Poseidon5001
      Hello everyone!
      The purpose of this post is to find a group of people to play with, people who are interested in mods and such, play on a regular basis and who could play over something like skype or discord. I really like modpacks, I like making maps and stuff, (im semidecent at command blocks and whatnot, and pretty good at making modpacks. Also starting to learn java through John purcells tutorials). Minecraft is my main game, but I like other games like Rust and, well, No Mans Sky looks great.
      So ya, I was just hoping to find a group of people who are as into Minecraft as i am and like playing with others
    • By Gedyy
      Hi, I am planning on making a community where we will all work in the same area like a town. Obviously by doing this there would be to many risks letting in the generic player.
      The pack currently has 120+ mods. But is very stable.
      The server is 24/7.
      If you are intrested in being whitelisted please join my discord server and give answers to all 4 questions in #applications: https://discord.gg/UC6HZwu
      1. Full Minecraft name
      2. Age
      3. Why you would like to join.
      4. What skills you have.
      The IP and pack details will be sent once you are whitelisted
    • By Kickbuttkaleb12!
      Frenzy Survival Minecraft Server!
      Hello! I am Kaleb! (AKA Wolfers) (AAKA KickButtKaleb12) and I am inviting everyone to my Attack of the B-Team server! Look below for details!
      Server Rules
      NO Griefing /ban NO Stealing /tempban NO Pranks TO EXCESS! If the pranks get to grief point then its a nice hearty ban for a day. Always help when in need, if you are at war then you don't have to just be nice! IP:
      How Do I get whitelisted? Well it is simple! Fill out this easy little application and pop you can get on!
      In Game Name:
      Will you record(if yes channel link please):
      Some extra details! We have no banned items, no plugins, we have about 99% uptime, and we welcome all.
      However, we are looking for people who can be trusted and who can live in a town without accusing someone of a piece of dirt going missing!
      Pictures(COMING SOON)
      Adios, mi amigos!(Good bye my friends)
    • By hstewart1965
      I Need Atleast 1-3 People To Play And Hang Out With.
      I Need The Following:
      Skype(If You Have One):
      (If Not Above^) Way To Contact:
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