Tekkit Classic Hacks

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So apparently  there is a known hack for people to make themselves in creative mode. I realize this may have been around a while, but I was unaware. I noticed a pattern in the logs of /give [id] and a few people that were getting items rather fast. I do not have a high level of users/players on server, so I have not had any issues up until someone came on and told me that there was a an exploit/hack on my server you can search youtube and various places to see this just search for "creative hack Tekkit Classic" I also found this here on the forums 

 I renamed NotEnoughItems-Bukkit and I also added the patch that the is in the post mentioned above - I put the "zip" file in the Mods folder, I read teh readme.txt but still unclear if that is correct. 


Anyone have a fix or guidance on how to fix this. The good news is I am using tekkitrestrict so there are some things I believe like nukes these hackers tried with no luck. I know this because one of them told me they tried. So, please any help would be great.



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