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Illegal IP pulling

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I was an administrator of one of the servers called "Pirates of the Lost Sea". It is a minecraft server on Technic. The co-owner removed me from staff and claimed "I have texted myself your IP".


This breaches Internet Security Law. I am aware you willingly give your IP to the server as you join. However holding IPS and copying them is dangerous as people can now control and harm my Internet security.

Attached are screenshots.

This conversation was held on the official discord server and I will be happy to provide you with any other information or screenshots that you need.


Server Owner: PurpleTroll

Server Co-Owner: Dejay Gaming



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Some people just can't take being dumped is what you learn from this post kids.

Joe gets demoted from Admin.

Joe does not go around and making posts on the internet (and emailing server hosts)

Joe takes his demotion like the adult man he is. 

Joe is Smart.

Be like Joe (Cough @Young_Guilo)

Tag me to get me to post the rest of the conversation. <3

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