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[1.2.9g]Dedicated friendly Tekkit server![PvE*][Survival][Flexible]

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Hi Technic forum!

Here is a new dedicated Tekkit server that will run 24/7. Whitelist is enabled so if you want to join, just send me your username and i will add you right away!!!! :)

The server is currently unmodified Tekkit, currently with three active friendly OP's. It currently has 30 slots but that may be changed if required...

Adding/removing mods or other modifications can be done if requested by people!


Server Address:


Keep diggin' bro's!

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I have tried to login to this server, but it repeatedly tells me "Bad Login"  Additionally according to the multiplayer screen the server appears to be empty with no users online.

I do not know if you are aware you're having problems or not so just in case.

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