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Looking for a modpack with specific characteristics


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After installing and testing several modpacks without finding what I'm looking for, I'll just ask here.
I'm looking for a modpack that includes these mods: BuildCraft, ProjectE (or some means to make huge amounts of dirt/cobblestone into something useful), any minimap mod, NEI, Treecapitator, and WAILA.
It needs to be running on a non-ancient version of MC (so the "open to LAN" option is available) and last but not least: Not a compilation of every mod under the sun. I'd play Tekkit Legends but it has too many mods for my taste, I quickly ended up with a chestfull of ores I didn't/couldn't use.

My primary objective is building absurdly huge structures in Peaceful Survival. I'd learn how and make such a modpack myself, but I seriously doubt nobody ever had the same idea in the past.

Thank you for your time :)

Edit: Ended up making a modpack myself, very content with it. The BareBonesPack "modpack" (it's just Minecraft & Forge) available on the Technic launcher made it very easy.

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