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Server Crashing after Festive Creeper explosion

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(Firstly, Im new to the forums, so if this is in the wrong section, please move it)

So I have a home-run server on the Mianite Reborn mod pack, which only me and my friends use. And Ive just started having this problem.

So we were playing on the server, and it became a BloodMoon at night. During this bloodmoon, a festive creeper (Primitive Mobs mod) threw some tnt at my house, blowing most of it up. I then proceeded to sleep in a bed to skip the night, and as soon as I woke up, my client crashed. Anytime I try to rejoin the server, I just instantly crash. I got one of my friends to teleport me the instant I join the server, which worked, but as soon as I walk back to the area the explosion happened, I crash again.

Summary of problem: Whenever I walk within a certain area of my house, it crashes. I think this is either a problem with the Primitive Mobs mod, or the BloodMoon mod, as those were the only changes to make the server crash. It could also be an Optifine option, with maybe too many entities laying on the ground with the explosion? I doubt it.

There isn't must of an error logged to the console: http://pastebin.com/Q478kCx8

I really don't know whats happening, but I would like to try to resolve this issue.

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If you guys run World-edit maybe you could try re-generating few chunks around the area of explosion. But keep in mind that this will delete everything that's been built. Or a second, more reliable solution would be to delete this particular region file from the server and let it re-generate (make sure to backup your files <server> before doing something like that).

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