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Custom Modpack Refuses to Update in Launcher

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Hey guys. 

I'm new to the forums but I've been making modpacks for a while.  Lately a few friends and I have been testing out 1.10.2 mods and we put together a little modpack to make updating and playing together easier, but I'm running into some issues with it updating.

The launcher just seems to refuse to recognize updates.  It seemed to work just fine about a week ago when I first set up the server/modpack, but now it just updates randomly and skips versions half the time.

I start out with updating my dropbox host linke and hit update pack.  Then I go directly in and change the version add an update note and hit save version.  Everything goes smoothly and the home page of my modpack displays the right version. Then I open up the technic launcher and I'm not prompted with an update.  I tried waiting over an hour and still nothing.  Finally I went in and changed the version again and reinstalled the pack. Still nothing.  After another hour or so of trying (and about 12 versions later) the launcher FINALLY updated like it should completely randomly (I didn't do anything different that I know of), but now for some reason my mod folder is completely empty.  I verified the zip file a dozen times and it still keeps coming up empty.

I'm at a loss here. I've finally sent out the zip folder to all my players to update their packs manually since the latest update broke the client for them, but this isn't going to work for longer than a day.  I don't update often, but if I have to go through this each time then I'm going to have to find another solution.

Any ideas?  Am I doing something wrong?  

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