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World Anchors and computer screens

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Hey guys,

I have world anchors banned for non OPs but I have some placed under some computers in my spawn to keep them running at all times. But they don't` seem to be working. IE the computers are turning off.

Also I am having trouble with two of my monitor displays.(These displays, show my banned items on my server). Now the problem that I am having is that the text is disappearing of the screens until I break a monitor and replace it.

my monitor is 5wide by 6 high.

This is my code I am using

local w,h = term.getSize()

local function printCenter(line)

  local width = string.len(line)

    if width < w then

          local x,y = term.getCursorPos()

          term.setCursorPos(w/2 - width/2,y)




printCenter 'Banned Items'

printCenter ''

print([[Abyss Helmet   Anchor Cart    Black Hole Band

Blaze Rods       Block Breaker  Builder

Cannon                                      Catalytic Lens

Collector MK1  Collector MK2  Collector MK3

DM pedestal    DM Hammer          Dest. Catalyst

DragonEgg         Dynamite         EnderChest

Evertide Amulet Filler      Gravity Greaves

HurricaneBoots HyperkineticLens Infernal Armor

MFE Cart           Mercurial Eye  Mining Laser

Nova Cataclysm Nova Catalyst  Nuke

Project Table  RM Armour          RM Furnace

RM Katar           RM MorningStar RM Tools

Ranged Weapons Ring of Arcana Ring of Ignition

SwiftWolf Ring Tank Cart          Teleport Tether

TnT                                                TnT Cart        

Triangulator                              Transmutation Tablet

Turtles     Void Ring     Volcanite Amulet

                   Watch of flowing time

World Anchor                              Zero Ring]])

printCenter ''

printCenter ''

printCenter 'Collectors, RM Tool, RM Armour and Swiftwolf'

printCenter 'are Donator only'

printCenter ''

printCenter 'These items may change at anytime,'

printCenter 'please check back often to see'

printCenter 'if anything has changed'

printCenter ''

printCenter 'Banned items will turn to dirt'

printCenter 'if you craft them.This is at your expense'

printCenter 'and staff will not refund the items'

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I'd just name the program you want to run all the time as "start" on either the local computer or a disk. Then whenever the chunk is loaded, that program will run.

It's startup isn't it? Do both start and startup work now?

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well thats what I have. But computers do not automatically turn on when a chunk is loaded. You have to click the computer before it will turn on, then when the computer starts it runs what every program is in startup.

My problem is chunk loaders are not working :( and my monitors seems to be all kinds of mucked up.

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tell me what you do?

The code I am using is above (this is saved on my server via FTP)

  • I then click the computer
  • type: edit startup
  • type: shell.run("monitor","top","banned")
  • control - save
  • control - exit
  • type: startup so it runs

If I leave the chunk unloaded for a bit then return the computer has turned off.

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It seems like it's something like your computer is turning on but it's being loaded before the monitor is and so when it tries to connect to the monitor it can't because it doesn't see it as being there, possibly try adding a delay at the top of the script to give the monitors chance to load before attempting to write to them..

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Hmm that is a good idea, thanks.

Oh I dont know who to add a delay to it. is it just

 sleep(1) ? 

Yeah, that should work. Chances are there's not anything more than a second gap between the computer and monitor being loaded.

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If I am using shell.run("monitor","top","rule") that would mean my screen is on top of my computer, meaning that it is in the same chunk :P so that is not my problem.

No, that would just mean that your cpu is on top of your monitor. That doesn't necessarily mean it is the same chunk (Minecraft's 16x16x256 chunk).

I promise you that's your problem.

Edit: the WHOLE structure needs to be in one chunk. All the monitors and CPU.

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