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how can i access forge mod loader for blightfall? ive added a few mods of my own and now it says i need to update forge mod loader to play, but i dont know how to get there

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Blightfall uses an older Forge version, 1291, located in the C:\Users\*YourWindowsUserName*\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\blightfall\bin folder. It's renamed to modpack.jar

If you want to try a newer one, grab the latest Forge Universal jar  for 1.7.10 (it's version 1614) from

and rename the the old modpack.jar to modpack.old, and name the new forge file you just grabbed to modpack.jar and put it in that directory. 

Blightfall is a highly customized pack, this could break things or not work at all, but give it a shot. 

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