My Modpack Is Not Downloading Correctly!

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So I have recently changed my modpack up a lot. The change up includes new mods, Including new Flans Mods that wasnt in the pack before, they all work in a local minecraft enviroment and it works when I upload the files to Dropbox, but when i try to download it from technic i get a error message, Its only the flans mods that are doing it aswell but there is nothing wrong with the mods, Please help i made a server for it since people wanted it and all the mods work on the server, but on technic they just dont want to work.

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8 hours ago, JaariAtmc said:

Alright, what did you do to your modpack.jar? It shouldn't be 50 MB.

To my knowledge I have done nothing to it, but thanks for the idea Im going to use the other jar file I have which is the same as the one I use know, But this error only shows up using the Flans Mod packs MosPack and Machetemen Guns Pack,They both work on a server running the same forge file but not on a client 

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