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Modpack Advertisement Rules & Guidelines

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Thread Title Format/Required information

[Minecraft Version*] modpack name [modpack genre/general idea**] optional slogan/short description***

*Stating latest is not allowed.

**Tech, Magic, Tech/Magic, adventure, skyblock, quests, etc...

***For the most part this is free game. You can put just about anything here as long as it is short.


Title format will be strictly enforced.



[1.7.10] Tekkit Legends [tech] A new golden age


[1.7.10] Blightfall [Magic/Adventure/Quests] There's plot!? With aliens!!!?


Thread Body Rules

  • A link to the modpack on the platform.
  • A description of the modpack.
  • Effort.

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Rules have been updated and are being enforced now.

  1. The suggestions are now rules.
  2. New title format.
  3. An archives area was created. This is where all the old and dead advertisements will go for historical purposes.


All advertisers will be given 60 days to update their advertisements. After this I will start chucking them into the archives.

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