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Platform Potluck posting guidelines

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These are not mandatory (so unlike in the past, the moderators won't be warning/deleting for violations, but your thread, and therefore pack, is likely to get more attention if:

  • The pack title is in the thread title.
  • It has an MC version associated with it.  1.7.10 Forge is still relatively computer-resource-friendly, while 1.10.2...isn't, but a lot of people like the newer versions for other reasons.
  • If the thread title had a general idea of what was in the pack - tech, magic, quests (HQM or BQ), heavy automation, skyblock, light/heavy pack, hardcore or hard mode (difficult world), space, cave world, map included, etc., etc.
  • The thread itself had a link to the platform page for it, instead of requiring people to hunt for it.

On the other hand, if you post in this sub-forum asking for help with creating a mod will be moved, and we may warn you if it's blatant.

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