[0.6.5] Unified-Networks | Looking for players for small community.

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NEW Server IP: . 


Server website:





No Griefing: Don't be an idiot, we can see the logs.


Don't place your buildings too close to other players existing building: Someone may want eventually to expand their base, and the world is infinite ! Go explore!


No Hacked Clients: There's not much here to explain,just no hacked clients and thats it.


Respect Staff: Staff are there to help you but,you must respect them. If you just ignore them then you will be jailed.


Don't ask to change the time or to get admin rank/items: You can indeed pm me with your mod application,but you may only be admin when we think you are ready to.


Use of adult language is not allowed: This is a server for all ages,if we find you using it, you will be muted.


No harassment: Same for the rule above, you will be muted if you don't follow it.


PvP is only allowed in certain areas or events: This is a mainly PvE server as of that, you are only allowed to hit other players where it says you can do so.


Have fun! Yes it is the end of the rules  :D

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