Technic launcher stuck on logo

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3 hours ago, dmuraco3 said:

i recently reset my imac and tried re downloading the technic launcher but when I launch it, it gets stuck on the logo. Please help.

Remove Java 9. Install Java 8.

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No need to unistall java 8


Ok the easiest way to do this is to run this in you terminal

export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8`
cd /Users/yourname/Desktop/Technic 
java -jar TechnicLauncher.jar

make sure you replace your name with what ever the location is 

also make sure technic is on your desktop or else change the location

the point is to cd the location of the technic file i put it in a folder called technic for my use of ease

But Running this from terminal every time you want to use technic suck so what you need to do is to go into automator and search run click run shell script then insert the code you use

I hope this helped you :D

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