Modpack After Humans crashes

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2 hours ago, SilomattiX said:

Mine too. Since the update from Sierra to High Sierra.

But its only "After Humans". Mods like "Hexxit" are still working.

So I think it must be some single Mods in the "After Humans"-Pack that aren't compatible.

 crash log:


Care to upload the fml-client-latest log instead of the latest.log? latest.log doesn't give enough information for this issue.

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21 hours ago, SilomattiX said:

Are you certain that it is the whole log? There's nothing about a crash in there. Please add the techniclauncher_2017-(recent date here) found in .technic/logs. If too big for pastebin, try paste.ubuntu.com instead.

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i can't find anything related to crash in your log file. Are you sure this is the real log for this particular problem? (I can only see lots of texture problems. Disable all resource packs if using them) Also the problem may not show in the log file if your operating system crashes before the minecraft can write the events in your log file. This may show that your computer/os is unstable or there is something else wrong here. Please send your computer set up (os, cpu etc) for me with a pm IF YOU TRUST ME. Also I would like to see mac logs. 

Open the Console from the Application->Utilities, you will see the log files. (Maybe works)

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