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    • By Simonky16
      Hey there!
      Today I created a Tekkit Platform account. Unfortunately I set my Username to Simonky instead of Simonky16.
      Now my Email adress is connected to another account and I can't use it for 2 accounts.
      QUESTION: Can I change my username or delete the account? I didn't find options for both, so please help me.
      PLease note I won't use a second email adress.
    • By zortag
      i registered to platform, but for an unknown reason, i don't receive the confirmation email, ever after many resend tries.
      so i registered a new account with another email, but i want the main name (the one with the "locked" email).
      so now i want delete the 2 accounts and re-create the first one with the email of the second one, but i don't find any way to delete the accounts neither contact the stuff.
      can anybody help me?