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Hi there!


A week ago I set up a server for me and a few friends. Just a simple Tekkit server ran by Nodecraft. We soon decided however that it would be much better if we got a small community of players who would be able to join!

So, this is what this post advertises. I'm hosting a whitelisted PvE survival server for friendly people who would like to build together and make a community rather than raid and wage war with each other. I'm looking for a minimum of 14 years of age (younger possibly, it depends on your application), a willingness to get involved with others, and a general positive attitude towards this sort of thing (also, you gotta have Discord). The application template is listed below. If you are accepted, I'll DM you the server IP and a Discord link. :) 



IRL name (optional):

Why you want to join:

Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding:



The server should hopefully be online at all times, but I'll let you know in the discord if it's offline.


Thank you for reading, and I hope to see some of you online soon!

I'm about to go sleep, but I'll read your applications as soon as I'm up. :)

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On 6/9/2018 at 9:38 PM, Noba said:

IGN: isolatedvirus

IRL name (optional): isolatedvirus

Why you want to join: looking for a small community server to get back into tekkit. preferably something active.

Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding: IMO there is more to learn and discover in a PvE server. Teaching others how mods work and designing/building group projects is more fun than constantly having to worry about others taking items, destroying buildings, and constantly having to rebuild.



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IGN: LaFesta1749

IRL name (optional): Emil

Why you want to join: I've been searching for quite a while for a server where I can play with a few people and have a small community. Build together and such things.

Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding: I never liked PvP, mostly because I'm bad at it :D I can't go around swinging my sword killing anyone. I don't like it since when you die you lose all your stuff, but that's not the real reason. The real reason is that I've always preferred PvE in any games since it doesn't involve me getting killed. I just like to make a small town (depends on how many people there'll be) and just live and building together with them.

Discord ID: #5431


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This may have long since shutdown since we're now in 2019. But i'll take those odds. 

IGN: TerryTehTryhard

IRL Name: Terry 

Why you want to join: Same reason as most people. I still love mods, and I used to play together with some old friends but they unfortunately stopped hosting after awhile. I'm looking for more people to engage with. Preferably a nice PVE experience without all the hassle of combat and raiding.

Why you like PVE over PVP and Raiding: Combat was never my thing. I've played stuff like factions before but it just seemed kind of redundent with the methods used to get what you needed. I like PVE over PVP because its a lot more simple minded without all the trouble of combat.

Discord I.D: Terrytehtryhard#6701

If the server is no longer active, i'd appreciate it if someone could let me know. Thanks! Have a nice day.

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