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Atomic Science Turbine Not Spinning

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I have a Reactor Cell set up below my base. It is in the middle of a 3x3x1 hole filled with water. One block to the right and two blocks down from the reactor cell is a sticky piston and above the piston is a control rod. One block in front of the reactor cell is a thermometer which is connected to the piston with redstone. The block below the reactor cell is a wooden fluid transport pipe connected to a void fluid transport pipe and a redstone engine is connected to the wooden pipe with a redstone torch next to the engine. One block above the 3x3x1 hole filled with water are 9 electric turbines. I clicked the middle turbine with a BC wrench to make one big turbine. Then I connected the turbine to my redstone energy cell with leadstone energy conduits.

All was working fine until two days ago. The turbine stopped spinning. I checked the temp of the reactor cell and it was way overheated but it didn't blow up. I took the fissile fuel rod out, removed the reactor cell and replaced it along with the fuel rod. After replacing the turbine and clicking it with the wrench again, the turbine won't start spinning again. I have to completely restart the server for it to start spinning again.

Is there any way to fix this so I don't have to restart the server? Or is this just a bug that needs to be fixed by the Atomic Science devs?  I am using Tekkit Main 1.2.9g.


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