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Peaceful = God mode?


I was playing on peaceful mode to just get a base of operations established and for some reason the mobs that spawn in the dungeons cannot deal damage to me in survival mode. I have to go easier or higher to take damage. 

On another note my skin seems to be the default steve skin and not the one tied to my MC account

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On 8-8-2018 at 5:18 AM, Solaela said:

Forgot to phrase this as a question or something? XD Well uh... Did I do something wrong when playing or is it just how hexxit is now and I gotta go to easy or higher to have it be fair?

Considering that peaceful normally does not have any aggressive monsters, save for slimes, I suppose that's intended. About your skin, Mojang stopped supporting Pre-UUID skins quite a while ago. UUIDs were introduced around MC 1.7.6, and hexxit is 1.5.2. Considering Mojang never backports anything... Oh, and if you lack any sounds, that's too because Mojang disabled that... Music/sounds download server no longer reachable.

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