Licenses for all these packs?

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Do really all these pack authors ask all these mod authors if it is ok to include the mod into their package?

I am having a nice pack (my opinion) which I did not set to public since years because I just don't want to have problems because of licenses.

Am I overthinking it?

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some do, some may not

I've made two packs and hidden them, I don't wish to step on anyones toes.

just check the permissions from every mod author. Some are happy if you just leave a link to their site (curse link or link to mod author's own website) on your platform page.

Others want you to PM/email them. the time it takes them to reply can vary

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7 hours ago, ZanyScum said:

Thank you, from you answer I get two things, I "could" go the dark way, but it is possible - if hard - to do it right. Thanks.

Or you can do what I do, simply look for mods that licenses that allow redistribution right off the bat. IE open sourced.  

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