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So, after following a guide exactly step-by-step, I kept trying to launch my modpack. I had it all set up in Dropbox, zipped like it said, but when the modpack downloaded, it opened Minecraft, but in vanilla. I checked the folder and it showed the folder that had all I needed in it, but it also created about 8 new empty folders as well. Any help?


Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i41cyo6v2n6idvs/modpack.jar.zip?dl=0

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that's because you zipped a folder called DE

and inside DE you have the mods, config and bin folders. That's not how you make it. When you compress the modpack, you compress the 3 folders; mods, config and bin

They should be made into the modpack.zip, do not put those 3 folders inside another folder.

The launcher is opening your modpack folder and finds this DE but no mods, so that's why it loads vanilla.


your config folder is also empty, which tells me you didn't test this modpack. Always test the modpack on a clean client - vanilla modpack on the Technic launcher is perfect for this!

and inside bin you have a modpack.jar.jar

google "windows shows file extensions" to prevent this from happening. It should be called modpack.jar

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