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  • Similar Content

    • By Gilser
      Ok, so i was launcing Technic when it said, " An error occured while attempting to reach authserver.mojang.com" and i have no idea what to do i tried everything. Does anybody know how to fix this?
    • By trimman
      I got back into Yogbox a while back, but after trying to add one mod to the list (NoMoreRecipeConflict), my game would no longer start and would give me the message that you can see in the image. After typing in the given link, https://ygsolder.visualfiredev.com/api/modpack/yogbox-20/6.4.9/?cid=6249122b-1c14-40ab-97b2-5bb741302b63 I received another error message. I tried deleting the modpack, and possibly lost my entire world in the progress unless there's a server backup or something, and I still have this issue. Any ideas?

    • By DarkMetaknight
      Do updates count as more Downloads? Or is it only the initial installation that counts?
      I ask this because I want to know if dividing Runs by Downloads is an accurate way to calculate plays per install. (In other words, the rate a player sticks around.)
    • By Poeschl
      Magrathea is a new approach to have a long living and modded server with a awesome community. To make the daily life a little more interesting and protective there is towny and with it a completely player-driven economy.
      There are several hidden treasures around the overworld as well, which just wait for you to get found.
      Magrathea is online 24/7 and requires no application to play on it. The slots are currently set to 8 but can be expand anytime, depending on how much player are playing.
      Start playing on Magrathea at: magrathea.nitrado.net:25565
      For getting more infos and join our community: http://magrathea.enjin.com/
      For playing you need the custom modpack from: http://technicpack.net/modpack/magrathea-pack
      Magrathea has several worlds which awaits you:
      - Overworld: Keep your own town with towny with full plot protection of all modblocks and no building in the wild.
      - Resource World: The name says it all. Mine and collect to your hearts content.
      - Nether and End: Like in vanilla, but with some customization.
      All worlds except the Overworld will be reset in regular intervals to remain mineable over time.