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Thormen 1.12.2 modpack & server - space/missiles/forcefields/tech/guns/adventure


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Have you ever thought " Where could i possibly find a militaristic industrial modpack with intercontinental ballistic missiles and adventurous, yet dangerous galaxy to discover "?

Well look no further, Thormen has it all.

In short, Thormen could be described as: a modpack with well thought out content which offers enjoyable gameplay and interaction throughout the vast minecraft environment.

Setup your base, generate power, process ores, build strong armor & weapons, travel to space (over 20 locations), build and launch missiles, setup nuclear reactors, generate protective forcefield around your base and rule the galaxy.

Features: Turrets, Mekanism, Thermal series, space & planets, forcefields, guns,  ICBM's(missiles), Atomic Science, New mobs/items, industry, custom terrain and alot more to discover.

 Why have missiles?

For the sake of science of course!

There is no such feeling like launching a missile at your friend, hear him rage and then see the crater on your minimap

Missiles combined with mekanism, forcefields and other mods can result in some of the most amazing base setups out there.

Modpack installation: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/thormen.787655


Official modpack server  has 0 lag. It is included in the modpack.


Mod list:





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