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User can't connect to server ""authentication servers down for maintenance"


Hey gang,


I've recently set up a tekkit legends 1.1.1. Most players have had no problem when trying to connect to the server, except for one. Said person gets this error:



We've checked, and the authentication servers are not down, and others _can_ connect.

My server is hosted by myself and is port-forwarded.

We've tried setting online-mode to False, which worked. This would imply the player doesn't own minecraft, but we've confirmed that they do. They can both connect to vanilla minecraft servers, and when checking on minecraft.net, it displays that they indeed did buy minecraft.


We've tried disabling their anti virus (norton), disabling any VPNs (hamachi), reinstalling minecraft and Tekkit (launcher and modpack), looked through the host file, and others.

The weird thing is, when the player tries to connect to the server, it succeeds in making a connection to the server. The server gives the following message:


((removed)) means I've removed certain parts due to privacy

[email protected]((removed))[id=<null>>, name=((removed)), properties={}, legacy = false] ((removed IP)) lost connection: disconnected.

The server runs on ubuntu, the client runs on win7

I really don't know how to fix this. Does anyone have an idea? I've tried everything google and common sense recommended.


Any advice is appreciated



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