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good modpack suggestion

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I would like to ask you for your opinions...

Im searching for modpack that contain:
- Lot of technic ones, like Industrial craft, galactic, etc.
- some magic like magical crops, thaumcraft, etc,
- some extra dimensions like dimension doors, mining world, etc
- some modified ore veins, not like vanilla, but some huge deposits like,
- game version if possible latest as possible
- maybe some quests
- some encounter fights too, like battle towers, infernal mobs, castles or something with rewards, etc
- decent dificulty

I tried to look there but I cant find the filters for what version it is. Also I found GT new horizons, but it doesnt work properly for me, even with the java settings, I currently have 1.8.0 with 16GB ram set. If needed, I can set even more. So please, fill me with your suggestions about good modpacks. Thanks guys :)
The 1.7.10 pack with some adidiotns I use on SP is decent but i need at least that ore system which is used on GT New Horizons.


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