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FPS Issue with a certain modpack

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MODPACK: Infamy Modern Warfare Reloaded 1.12.2 

btw: I have the right Java installed, Windows 10, 16GB of 2133 RAM and i allocated 12 to the technic mods. RTX 580 and a AMD FX8350 ( i know it bottlenecks my GPU, but i also got new parts like a Ryzen 2600 i'm looking forward to installing soon)

So, 6+ of my friends have wanted to play a Factions server and we chose to play a modded one which is Epic, all of them run this mod perfectly fine on windows 10.

I in the other hand run this mod at 1-2-3 FPS. although i run other mod packs running on the same version as this mod pack (1.12.2) and i run those at 60+ FPS.

In the beginning i've attempted removing one mod at a time to see which ones defecting launching the game each time, and it would take me 2 minutes to launch the game to test if my FPS changed. This was unsuccessful as some mods required other mods to be running, SO after 3 days of fiddling around with everything i decided to be big brain and do a complete recovery of Windows 10 deleting every single hecking file. 

After the windows re-install, Normal minecraft ran fine. i havnt attempted other modpacks of the same version to see how those run, but with 2 hours of re installment  hoping i'd be able to play the modpack, to my suprise the Modpack still runs at 1, or 2 FPS. I've looked for a solution everywhere and it seems to be a rare problem, I hope somebody had a similar problem and or knows how to fix this. 

Discord: TomsorialKIng#4842

I don't mind screen sharing my files if someone would want to help. plz help i wanna play with my pals

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