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I was banned from the server about 3 to 4 years ago and I would like to request a unban. I was banned for insulting a mod/admin (EvilBird) I believe I should be unbanned because I have changed I was basically a kid but now im more or less a teenager and I can control my anger and my self now. 

I acknowledge that the ban was completely my fault but I have now changed to a better person.

Discord Username and tag: Slayer3000bot#7820

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    • By praneima
      Hello i am very sorry i did something wrong. Yesterday 2017 10 02(for me) i got banned on discord forever for no reason, i did not break rules now. i did have multiple accounts. But  kimiki sayd i can stay, i got told that all staff got informed too. then i asked when will i get unmuted(because i forgot when) on tech-help and i asked EvilOwl and i got told never(now i remember that i was soposed to be unmuted in 6 months). but he told me things then i do not know why but he sayd that i am getting banned. And now i think he thought that i got a new account again but i didn't i just changed my name from hardrock663 to praneima(my ign) please help me even if all i have been on discord for was tech-help i still want to be able to talk to people and hammer rule breakers and i have read the rules and as i remember there is no rule that i cant ask staff questions(i did not ping him with @). All i came to ask can i get unbanned?