ISSUE: Modpack Disabled: Using Technic Artwork

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I created a modpack a couple years ago based off of Technic's Attack of the B-Team pack titled Cale's B-Team Pack. When I uploaded it to the platform I just reused the Attack of the B-Team artwork. There were no issues until now. I returned to Technic to play my modpack (after a break of about a year), however when I pull up my modpack on Technic it says "This modpack is disabled. Reason: Using Technic artwork. If you would like to restore your modpack please fix the issue described above. " I have fixed the issue by removing the B-Team artwork from the modpack's page and renaming my pack to Cale's Ultimate Modpack, and after doing so I submitted a request on Technic support about re-enabling my pack. That was a week ago and I have recieved no reply. I feel like this should be an easy fix, and hopefully it is. I can't play my pack with my friends until it is enabled.

I appreciate any help or answers people can give. Thank you!!

Link to modpack:

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