Custom Modpack doesn't load forge

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8 hours ago, Chrantix said:

Is this issue going to be addressed at some point or would we need to find alternate options to distribute private modpacks?

Your alternate option is the what is going to be the newish FTB launcher. That's your only alternative. Twitch is no longer an option as that will stop working the 31st. So, in 4 days.

MultiMC does not support 1.13/1.14. Technic Launcher doesn't support 1.13/1.14. ATLauncher dev told that they were very sad at their attempt to make it work, and it sorta does. FTB launcher will possibly work, remains to be seen how well. Twitch offers the functionality for the next couple days and then their partnership with FTB is over.

So yeah, there's pretty much no alternatives.

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