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Extremely Low TPS - Need a solution.

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I'm running on a dedicated server with a xeon core and 16 gigs of RAM, There is no reason my server should be getting ~8TPS with ~ 20 players on. Maybe some of you have experience with some of my plugins.

Also I am using 100% of a core, since minecraft only uses one.

Here is a FULL list of my plugins, even the givens.




















Please post any suggestions.


It's so terrible, that It took over a minute to stop the server.

Not sure if that helps to diagnose the problem

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A Xeon core what?

And chances are its just some bad builds in your world.

Check for EU, Item, Redpower loops etc...

Since you don't have LagClear check for the number of entities.

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There is an abnormally high amount of mobs spawning.

Are any of the 'lag prevention' plugins recommended?

Also I installed nolagg just a second ago to try to use the examine feature. Here is what is shows after a 25 second exam...


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I think you have a corrupt chunk... grab (tekkitrestrict?*) and do /tpic (nolagg might have something similar...) (it's that or a leaky pipe - hopefully its the latter)

*Having never needed it, I dont know which plugin gives the /tpic command. But it teleports you to any chunk with more than 200 entities in.

and LaggClear really helps keep entities down, you can even set it so it only clears when there are more than a given number of entities in the world.

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Kill your mobs... users dont like it but mob AI is badly coded and creates a lot of lag.

Grab nospawnchunks, nice little plugin to reduce chunk loading and its nice and light.

Upgrade your tekkit to cb++ or cb-- google tekkit spigot (I forget the url)

Turn off everything in nolagg bar the examiner, nolagg sucks.

Most of all dont even bother looking into java gc edits just yet. Most people see tps drop and try crazy command lines that make things worse.

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