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Getting Your Server Out There


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First off, I consider myself fairly decent at building a modpack/server and working with Sponge plugins.  I managed to build a pretty decent server.  I originally built it for my friends and I to play but they seem to not be as into the game as I am.  What is the best way to get my server name out there to players who are mature and just willing to have a good time without having to crack down every day as a grief/world guard admin?  Last time I promoted a server was on this site but the custom server modpack section seems fairly dead.  Thanks for any advice in advance!

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    • By Awesomebynature
      I just installed Attack of the B-team mod pack, the launcher installed everything but when I click play the launcher disappears and comes back after a second but nothing changes so it basically resets every time I click play. Is someone else having this issue or can anyone help me? please D;
    • By Aci H
      So the technic Launcher has changed alot since it first started and since 2013, but that is where I think that there are problems, my suggestions are that: you should re add the Technic pack or aka Technic ssp. That was the mod pack that made the technic launcher what it is today. It was the first modpack in the launcher and the first widely used mod pack in Minecraft. I think that what should happen is that, there should be a technic pack in 1.2.5 (the one that was removed) called Technic classic and one that is being updated. I know that some of the mods are no longer being update so use projectred for redpower, equivalent exchange 3 for equivalent exchange 2 until ee2 gets update if it gets updated, and thaumcraft 4 for thaumcraft 2 and readd forestry to it. For tekkit, update tekkit lite and you might say that "tekkit" is the update but many people feel that it isn't really tekkit cause, where is ic2, and alot of the other mods that made tekkit, tekkit? Keep the "tekkit" but rename it something like "tekkit space" or something cause people feel that that isnt really tekkit. Re add forestry to tekkit classic and make an updated version of tekkit classic, keep the 1.2.5 one but make an update version. For the mods that haven't ben updated? Ee3 for ee2, project red for redpower. I would suggest readding voxel as well. I would also suggest making an option where you can make the launcher look like the old launcher and have the old art. Many people are starting to abandon the technic launcher for feed the beast or ATlauncher because of those changes. That includes alot of my friend including the most die hard fans that I know. I think that it's a shame that Technic launcher lost it's meaning. It was probably called the Technic launcher because it launched technic and trust me, making a new flashier launcher isnt going to help. So I hope that you follow my advice because most people feel this way. I wish the techinc team good luck!
    • By eseven_
      Hi guys, I want to give you a suggestion that I think could be VERY VERY useful to all those are using this crazy modpack. Why don't you publish ( maybe in the main page of the modpack, or even in the forum ) a comprehensive wiki of all the mods in the package? Maybe this is a very long work, but even if you publish a list of the relating wikis of every mod (the available ones at least), I think it could be a great things to do for all the users, because I think that googling every time you need to know something about an item or a recipe sometime is bit annoying.  Thank you anyway for the great job you've done assembling this fantastic modpack, it gives to minecraft a new way of playing and I think in future it will became very popular.   eseven_
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