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Welcome to the L.A.N.D.S! [1.12.2] [Oriented on Hytale]]


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After months of configuring, editing and constructing the L.A.N.D.S Modpack, I finally managed to release a beta version. The Modpack is still under heavy development but anyways i like to be able to show you the current product...

"With a combination of the most popular and perfectly configured mods, we are focusing on the best Minecraft playing experience. Deal with epic boss fights, unique dimensions, stunning biomes, tons of gameplay and so much more!"

For the latest updates, join our Discord server!

Technic: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/lands.1589794

Screenshots (Actual In-Game Footage)

  • Treasures
  • spacer.png
  • Tropical Zones
  • spacer.png
  • Giant Forests
  • spacer.png
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