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Mods not loading on running of modpack

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So I made this modpack a while ago, and someone asked me to update it to a later version. So I recreated the modpack uploaded it and everything seemed to be working as normal, until I ran on Technic. No mods loaded. I checked the ".technic" folder and all the mods and everything was downloaded, they just weren't being used for some reason. Modpack link. It's Decor Mod Core in case you wanna run it on Technic

Any help is appreciated, I've been trying a bunch of things and haven't been able to get it working. Thanks for your time

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12 hours ago, Ratardium said:

I'm using Forge version 1.12.2 - Rename the installer file? You mean renaming the Universal Forge to "modpack" or am I missing something?

No. You download the Forge 2854 Installer. You rename that to modpack.jar. You don't do anything with the universal forge anymore. This is ONLY for 2854, and for Forge 1.13 and higher.

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